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Summer activities

Summer activities

School's out and summer is coming!

As the school year winds down for many of us, it's the perfect time to reflect on students' personal growth and look forward to the summer break.

Celebrate summer by downloading our Achievement Awards and Summer Mantras below! They're perfect for moving-on ceremonies and relaxing end-of-year brain breaks.

Looking for more free activities you can print out and share? Explore the rest of our free resource library here.




How to Write a Story Ages 8-10

+ 3 months of Word Tag ® Video Game

Discover 33 story kits, complete with illustrations, writing prompts, targeted questions for story planning, and curated vocabulary lists. This is writing, made easy! Whatever sparks your imagination, whether it's eerie detective mysteries or intrepid space missions, you'll find inspiration here.For ages 7-9 Note: 3 months of Word Tag Video Game is a non-cumulative promotion limited to one per customer.

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Digital Product Ages 7-10
How to Write a Story Ages 8-10 + 3 months of Word Tag ® Video Game

Deep Dive

Read our report on the Science of Reading. Research-based reading instruction must incorporate the 5 pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This report provides an easy to understand overview of each of these pillars and explains the important connection between how the brain learns to read (the Neuroscience of Reading) and how we teach children to read (The Science of Reading Instruction). It also explains why helping children build connections between letters and sounds, through phonics and phonemic awareness, is so crucial for the developing reading mind. This report is perfect for sharing with colleagues and friends!