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Your classroom, transformed

Teach the words that matter for academic success. Get the Classroom Starter Set and build their vocabulary for life.

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Hollywood-illustrated vocabulary for schools

Say hello to the easiest, most engaging way to boost their reading and writing age, while also developing common core narrative writing skills.

Transform the way you teach vocabulary, with curriculum-relevant resources designed to help children fall in love with words.

One Classroom Starter Set can be used across the year group, making it an affordable way to introduce the right words to multiple classrooms.

Mrs Wordsmith Classroom Starter Set

A world of storytelling possibilities

Teach the words your 7-11 year-olds need to tell magical stories, as well as:

  • Provide visual details of scenes and people
  • Depict specific actions and movements
  • Develop dialogue, thoughts and emotions
  • Add clarity and depth to ideas

The Classroom Starter Set focuses on the Narrative Journey, because all children aged 7-11 are expected to able to write stories.

These words matter. Teach them your way.

Mrs Wordsmith Classroom Starter Set

We show you the words, you show them the way

Every Classroom Starter Set comes with its own cutting-edge Teacher’s Guide. Learn everything there is to know about a word, and how to teach it.

Mrs Wordsmith Classroom Starter Set

Exceptional value for every classroom

At £395 for the Classroom Starter Set, it’s the most cost-effective way to teach the vocabulary that matters. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Full colour workbooks - just £7 each (retail value £12)
  • Word pair cards - just £6.50 per pack (retail value £10 each)
  • Illustrated binders - just £25 each

Plus the Teacher’s Guide (worth £80) for free. We add all of this together, then take off 25% for teachers, compared to consumer prices.

Mrs Wordsmith Daily Worksheet Books
Mrs Wordsmith Storytelling Word Binders
Mrs Wordsmith Teacher's Manual
Mrs Wordsmith Illustrated Word Pair Cards

What teachers say

“The programme integrates words based on what children need to not only strengthen their vocabulary and reading skills but their writing skills as well. Integration is key.”

Primary teacher

“Mrs Wordsmith stands out from the crowd because they have created an intuitive and visually stunning dictionary that children and schools love.”

Professor Ted Briscoe

Professor of Computational Linguistics at the University of Cambridge

“It is 100% research-based and we have found that practising word pairs not only helps with remembering words, but increases fluency in writing as well.”

Teacher blogger

Backed by world-leading research

Mrs Wordsmith words are mined from sources that matter for academic success. That includes books, newspapers, exam papers and the internet.

Keep up with the latest news and research by reading the free Mrs Wordsmith Magazine.

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