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Collection: 3rd Grade Age 8-9 Worksheets and Workbooks | Mrs Wordsmith US

Purchase engaging, effective printable 3rd-grade worksheets. Develop critical reading and writing skills with educational, fun workbooks for 3rd graders.

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8 products found

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3rd Grade Age 8-9 Worksheets and Workbooks


Boost Academic Success with our Printable 3rd Grade Worksheets


By third grade, most kids will have mastered phonics and started to read more fluently. This year, they will continue to build vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills, as they encounter new kinds of texts.


Mrs Wordsmith has what you need to help your third grader begin to grow up as a writer, and start building a more complex storytelling vocabulary. This includes worksheets for third graders, books, and 3rd grade workbooks, all aligned to the 3rd grade curriculum. Some of the resources described on this page are appropriate for other age groups as well, so you may have seen them before.

Our collection of printable worksheets for 3rd graders includes our printable spelling workbooks. Spelling is important, and even when it is not explicitly tested, it is assessed in writing. Start with our Spelling Targeted Practice 3rd grade English worksheets, which introduce the key spelling patterns that kids need to know for school at this age. Then, move on to our Spelling Mixed Practice 3rd grade worksheets for more practice. These cover an entire year of curriculum, including homophones, tricky spelling patterns, and tricky words. 

All of our 3rd grade worksheets pdfs are easy to print at home, and perfect for bite-sized learning. Need a break from spelling? Try our Mrs Wordsmith's 37 House Rules printable workbook, which promotes social emotional learning and self-regulation through witty illustrations of research-backed rules and activities.

You can also boost your child's vocabulary (and creativity!) with our Storyteller's range. Research shows that reading by itself is not enough to give kids the vocabulary they need to excel academically – explicit vocabulary instruction leads to better results. Explicit instruction encourages kids to associate a word with reinforcing, rich information that promotes a deeper understanding of what it means. Without this understanding, kids will struggle with the texts they are reading, and with learning new words that they come across. In our Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary, kids will find the perfect tool to reinforce their vocabulary and inspire their budding inner storyteller. Stuffed full of hilarious, outrageous illustrations and over a thousand words, this is the dictionary, reimagined. Meanwhile, Storyteller's Word a Day 1 and 2 foster word awareness, with 180 illustrated words and synonyms, word pairs, story starters, and more. 

Using the new shiny vocabulary they've mined from our Storyteller's books, kids will love our How to Write a Story 3rd grade worksheets. A writing product that motivates kids to work independently, How to Write a Story contains everything kids need to know about writing captivating stories, from character development and writing devices to story graphs and prompts.

Try our collection of resources for third graders, and inspire your third grader to fall in love with words!

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