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Collection: 5th Grade Age 10-11 Worksheets and Workbooks | Mrs Wordsmith US

Purchase engaging, effective printable 5th-grade worksheets. Develop critical reading and writing skills with educational, fun workbooks for 5th graders.

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8 products found

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5th Grade Age 10-11 Worksheets and Workbooks


Boost Academic Success with our Printable 5th Grade Worksheets


Fifth grade is the last year of elementary school for many kids, as they prepare to move into the next phase of their education. At this age, kids are capable of tackling a broader range of abstract topics, and continue to make important strides in their social and emotional development.

Mrs Wordsmith's range of 5th grade worksheets, books, workbooks for 5th graders, and games are designed to support kids through this exciting and sometimes nerve-wracking stage of life. Some of the resources described on this page are appropriate for other age groups as well, so you may have seen them before.

To help with spelling, try our Spelling Targeted Practice activity sheets for 5th graders, which introduce the key spelling patterns that kids need to know for school at this age. Then, move on to our Spelling Mixed Practice 5th grade worksheets for more practice. These cover an entire year of curriculum, including homophones, tricky spelling patterns, and tricky words. All of our 5th grade worksheets are easy to print at home, and perfect for bite-sized learning. 

You can also expand your child's vocabulary (and imagination!) with our Storyteller's range. These are the perfect 5th grade practice books for vocabulary-building. Research shows that reading by itself is not enough to give kids the vocabulary they need to excel academically – explicit vocabulary instruction leads to better results. Our Storyteller's Word a Day 1 and 2 foster word awareness, with hundreds of illustrated vocabulary words and synonyms, word pairs, story starters, and more. Word awareness is key to a rich vocabulary and the ability to tackle unfamiliar language. Meanwhile, our Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is the perfect tool to help kids spice up their writing. With over a thousand words and hilarious, outrageous illustrations, this may be the only dictionary kids will want to browse for fun. 

For more storytelling support, check out our How to Write a Story, a printable booklet of worksheets for 5th graders. How to Write a Story provides an illustrated framework to make writing effective and fun for everyone. A fifth grade workbook has never been so inspiring!

Does your young writer have writer's block? Cure it with a family game night featuring our Storyteller's Card Game. This laughter-inducing, creativity-sparking game features 300 words to help kids improve their creative writing, and boost their imagination, organized into themes: character, settings, taste and smell, action, emotion, and weather.

You'll find more fun worksheets for 5th graders in our Reading Comprehension printable. These fifth grade worksheets are designed to introduce kids to new and challenging vocabulary found in reading comprehension exams and classic literature. The collection of 5th grade printable worksheets includes 500 frequently occurring words, curated into short printable workbooks of 10 words at a time.

Our 5th grade English worksheets are colorful, bright resources that kids will actually want to use. Introduce them to your fifth grader, and watch their creative horizons expand.

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