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Blah Blah Blah Phonics Card Game

If you think "Systematic Synthetic Phonics" doesn't sound like the best time of your life, think again. Blah Blah Blah is the hilario...

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Storyteller’s Word a Day + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

Storyteller's Word a Day is a research-backed daily dose of rich, descriptive vocabulary for all aspects of storytelling. The flipbook contains 180...

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  • Reading Comprehension Vocabulary + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

    Reading Comprehension Vocabulary is the print-at-home program covering everything kids need to excel in reading comprehension. Available for in...

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    Learn about the science of reading

    Read all about how the brain learns to read, how we teach children to read, and the decades of research that influence both.

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    Play our latest Kahoot quiz!

    Our range of Kahoot quizzes build vocabulary through interactive games that classes and families can play together. From personality explorations to adventures with figurative language, Mrs Wordsmith quizzes will boost engagement and laughter in any learning environment.

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    Mrs Wordsmith: The silliest learning company

    We are a team of artists, game designers, writers, data scientists, and teachers who believe educational resources should be every bit as exciting and hilarious as the movies and games kids interact with today!

    Our aim is to create books, games, and apps that improve the reading and writing outcomes of children aged 4 - 13, all while making learning hilariously fun both in and out of the classroom.

    We know there’s no ‘i’ in ‘team’, which is why we are proud to partner with experts in the field of education, child development, and beyond!

    Our partners include award-winning animator and character designer Craig Kellman, Professor of Childhood and Literacy Education at NYU, Susan Neuman, Head of Fox Primary School, Emma Madden, and Senior Vice President at Nickelodeon, Michael Levine.

    Our multi-award winning product line is recognised by:

    Parents’ Choice Gold Awards, Mom’s Choice Awards, and National Parenting Product Awards

    Gone are the days of badly photocopied black-and-white worksheets. We believe that kids’ literacy resources should be every bit as engaging as the movies they watch and the games they play.

    That’s why our cast of characters was designed by the artist behind Madagascar, and our team boasts experience working on games including Subway Surfers and Candy Crush. The result is a modern, exciting learning experience that is simply faster-paced, more motivating, and more fun than any other.

    We back all of our products with the latest and greatest research into reading development. We work with leading teachers and academic experts, so together, we can apply their research to the real world of learning!

    Our pedagogy focuses on gamification, visual learning, and spaced repetition to ensure that learning sticks, with word curation, informed by cutting-edge data science.

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    Learn to read and phonics

    My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

    My Epic Life Daily Word Workout is the expert-backed flipbook of 180 bite-sized ways to expand your child's vocabulary in just five minut...

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  • Foolproof Phonics Part 1

    Foolproof Phonics Part 1 is the step-by-step program for Kindergarten to learn phonics the right way. Available for instant download after purchase...

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    My Epic Life Word Book

    My Epic Life Word Book is 200 illustrated pages of over a thousand words to inspire kids to live an epic life. It features vocabulary chosen to dev...

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    Printable Worksheets

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  • How to Write a Story Ages 10-12 + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

    How to Write a Story is the ultimate illustrated guide to creative writing for ages 10-12 (Grades 5-6). It's got everything your child ne...

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  • Spelling Grade 3 Targeted Practice + 3 months of Word Tag Video Game

    Spelling Targeted Practice Grade 3 covers one year of third grade spelling curriculum in print-at-home, bite-sized packets. Available to download a...

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  • Gargantuan Grade 1 Workbook

    Gargantuan is the workbook to reinforce all the big maths and English concepts of the First Grade curriculum. Available for instant download after ...

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    Storyteller’s Starter Bundle

    Boost kids’ creative writing skills, reading confidence, and build vocabulary with our two multi-award-winning books for ages 8-12.

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    Epic Life Bundle

    Improve reading and vocabulary the EPIC way with curriculum-based topics, and bite-sized activities in both of our Epic Life books together in one...

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    Family Master Bundle

    Improve reading, writing, and build vocabulary with four of our bestselling, most popular releases.

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