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Collection: 6th Grade Age 11-12 Worksheets and Workbooks | Mrs Wordsmith US

Purchase engaging, effective printable 6th grade worksheets. Develop critical reading and writing skills with educational, fun 6th grade workbooks.

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8 products found

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6th Grade Age 11-12 Worksheets and Workbooks


Find the Path to Academic Success with our Printable 6th Grade Worksheets


In sixth grade, many kids are starting at a new (and sometimes intimidating!) school. They're becoming more physically and emotionally mature, and this can be an exciting and stressful time. Now competent readers and writers, they will continue to hone their skills with increasingly complex texts and formats.

Mrs Wordsmith's resources are designed to help kids achieve academic success, and include 6th grade worksheets, books, 6th grade workbooks, and games. Some of the resources described on this page are appropriate for other age groups as well, so you may have seen them before.

Although aimed at fourth and fifth graders, our Spelling Targeted Practice are suitable 6th grade activity worksheets when students need a little bit of extra help and review. These introduce key spelling patterns that this age group will already be using in their schoolwork. You can find even more practice in our Spelling Mixed Practice printable, spelling worksheets for 11 year olds, which review the patterns introduced in the Targeted Practice sheets.

Are you ready to enrich your child's vocabulary? Our Reading Comprehension Vocabulary 6th grade printable worksheets are designed to introduce kids to new and challenging words that are found in reading comprehension exams and classic literature. It includes 500 frequently occurring words curated into printable 6th grade worksheets pdfs that can be used at your own speed.

You can also expand your child's storytelling vocabulary and spark creative inspiration with our Storyteller's books. Vocabulary is a strong predictor of academic success, and good vocabulary instruction requires both breadth and depth. This is why the hundreds of illustrated words in our Storyteller's Word a Day 1 and 2 include words and synonyms, word pairs, and story starters, which help kids learn both word meanings and understand how these words can be used. Our Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is the perfect tool to help kids spice up their writing, filled with hilarious illustrations and over a thousand words.

For more 6th grade worksheets, try our How to Write a Story– a printable booklet of worksheets for 6th graders. How to Write a Story is our illustrated guide to creative writing, containing everything kids need to get started writing their own stories. You've never seen 6th grade English worksheets so engaging!

If your budding writer develops a case of the dreaded writer's block, we have just the thing for it! Our Storyteller's Card Game features 300 words that help kids improve their creative writing and boost their imagination. Try it on family game night and get the whole family laughing.

Good vocabulary can help sixth graders thrive academically and socially, not only because it unlocks reading comprehension but also because it helps them express themselves with accuracy and sophistication. From sixth grade worksheets to books, 6th grade workbooks, and games packed with vocabulary power, we're here for the ups and downs that come with this exciting time of life!

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