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Take a peek at all the Readiculous fun and see what's in store!

Take a peek at all the Readiculous fun and see what's in store!

  • Game-based learning makes phonics fun
  • Just 10 minutes of gameplay a day
  • Learn 2x faster than regular instruction
  • Safe screen time with no ads
  • Progress report so you can see what your child is learning

Warning: the following video may result in chuckling, guffawing, and/or snort-laughter.

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Readiculous Highlights

Game-based learning works

The best way to learn to read is through a process calledsystematic synthetic phonics. In other words, kids should learn the sounds that go with each letter/spelling in a logical progression. As with most new things, repetition is the key to success. The only problem is, repetition can get boring. And when kids aren’t engaged, they don’t learn.

This is where Mrs Wordsmith comes in. We make learning ridiculously fun (pun intended) by designing reading games for maximum entertainment and educational value.

Follow our wacky cast of characters through animated stories

There's a good reason Readiculous reminds you of your favorite cartoons. The game's hilarious characters were designed by none other than Craig Kellman, the character designer for Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania. When we say it's not just a learn-to-read app, we mean it.

meet the cast

Play to learn, learn to read

Unleash the fun of phonics with a game that kids can't resist! It may look like fun and games, but this app will help your kids master important phonics skills and spark a lifelong passion for language and learning. We've developed Readiculous using the Science of Reading to make sure it is as effective as it is fun.

Track your child's progress effortlessly

Readiculous features a daily Progress Report so you can keep tabs on your child's learning. See which sounds, letters, and words they're working on and get valuable insights on how you can support their learning offline – all from the comfort of your smartphone.

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Loved by kids, parents, and teachers alike

It is a genuinely innovative, educational project, the only game that kids will be allowed to play all day, every day. I’ve enjoyed the journey of bringing it to the world.

Professor Susan Neuman

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Created by experts in education, linguistics, gaming, and entertainment, Readiculous makes reading into an exciting adventure.