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The vocabulary boost your child needs

Word Tag ® is 80% fun, 20% work, and 100% game! Join the game-based learning revolution and learn up to 1000 words a year. Proven to improve vocabulary test scores by 43%. Download the app now!

Loved by kids, parents, and teachers alike

“It is a genuinely innovative, educational project, the only game that kids will be allowed to play all day, every day.
I’ve enjoyed the journey of bringing it to the world.”

– Professor Susan Neuman | NYU

Word Tag ® unites
learning and fun
through game-based learning

It features pedagogically-developed missions and minigames. Kids learn new vocabulary to advance to the next level and earn rewards.


Word Tag ® provides a daily Parent Report with full details of how each child is progressing through the game. The report will show you the words your kids are learning and the pace at which they are working. It will also outline what you can help them with offline.

Personalized Vocabulary Practice Your Students Will Love

Say goodbye to boring vocabulary worksheets! Word Tag ® combines dynamic, interactive game play and expertly-designed learning activities to make one outrageously fun app. Revolutionize the way your students learn with Word Tag ® and help them improve their vocabulary test scores by up to 43%.


Word Tag ® teaches kids vocabulary that unlocks reading comprehension and academic success. Our handy guide provides insight into the science behind the game design.

Download Word Tag ® now!

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