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What is the difference between Word Sauce and the Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary?

Word Sauce is a retired product and is no longer available on our website. 

The words and illustrations included in both Word Sauce and Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary are exactly the same. When making our Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary, changes were only made to the cover and the layout to be more cost-effective for customers: more illustrations and words per page, and therefore fewer pages.

Word Sauce has large, full-page images that make it ideally suited to learning a word a day, teaching activities, SEN, and just being a beautiful coffee table book for children who love hilarious illustrations and wonderful words.

Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is designed to help children to write independently and help them build self-confidence to find words for themselves. We made small changes to the dictionary layout based on user feedback, and to make it easier to navigate.

Despite these changes, both dictionaries offer the same wonderful Mrs Wordsmith content.

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