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My Epic Life Word Book

+ 3 months of Readiculous Video Game
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My Epic Life Word Book

+ 3 months of Readiculous Video Game
Ages 5-8 Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
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1000 words (over 200+ pages) to prepare kids for starting school and making friends
Develops academic, creative, technical, and social-emotional vocabulary
My Epic Life Word Book
My Epic Life Word Book
My Epic Life Daily Word Workout
My Epic Life Daily Word Workout
$41.98 $29.99
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Product Description
1000 hilariously illustrated words to help with social skills and emotional awareness, counting, shapes & measurements, hygiene, outdoor adventures, and arts & crafts. These are epic words that prepare you to succeed at home, school, and life in an epic way. There will be joy. There will be tears. There will be a dog brushing his teeth on a hoverboard. Get ready for My Epic Life Word Book.

Ages 5-8
Product Specific
Hardcover 252 pages
Age range 5-8
Year of publication 2019
Product dimensions 25.4 x 21.8cm
ISBN 978-1-999-6107-9-1
  • Step 1 Words curated from relevant, global curriculum lists for kids aged five to eight.
  • Step 2 Useful, funny, or interesting collocations – or word pairs – that our data engine identifies as essential to learn.
  • Step 3 200 pages of hilarious illustrations.
  • Step 4 Topics include: labelling emotions, building character, food and hygiene, basic maths, and even the future of technology!
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Thoughts by:

Groovy vocab. Far-out vibes.

You know what's really sweet about this book? You don't have to start from the beginning like most books - you can just dive right in wherever the mood takes you. I like that. It's radical.

All the words kids need for K-2 learning

A groundbreaking word book for the 21st century, designed to inspire every child to live a truly epic life. It's the must-have manual for kids, tackling everything the world can throw at a young child: labelling emotions, building character, food and hygiene, basic maths, and even the future of technology.

Everyday learning!

It's perfect to read a few pages every night before bed, for dream-inspiring vocabulary. Kids will take it to bed with them, make friends with the characters, and wake up hungry for words.

The earlier kids learn words, the better!

According to research, it’s almost never too early to learn a word, no matter how long or complex it may seem. In fact, the earlier the better for long-term retention and use.

What other parents think:
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If you wanna teach little people about words (and everything else) then these are Grouse 47/10 recommended...Primary or secondary ed. supports these are your new best friends
@shelciechoesmith on IG
Mid 2021
Beatrix is absolutely loving doing this at the moment. She draws the picture and writes the word and its meaning. This is all completely child-led.
@erin.the.veganmum on IG
Mid 2021