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How is Word Tag ® educational?

Although kids might not see Word Tag ® as a learning tool, they are improving their vocabulary with every play — even in as little as 15 minutes a day. 


Word Tag ® introduces children to new words in bite-sized batches. This approach helps cement material better than plenty of information in one dose. Kids are then repeatedly exposed to these words, through activities that target all aspects of word learning. Mini-games cover a word's meaning, spelling, pronunciation, and usage with context. Your child will not only be exposed to new vocabulary; they will truly understand it. 


Word-learning is the key to success in the game. Building their vocabulary by collecting new words is the mechanism by which kids progress to the next level, win prizes, and explore. The dopamine release in kids’ brains reinforces their learning experience positively. This enjoyment keeps them coming back to play (and therefore learn) more and more!

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