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How does Word Tag teach vocabulary?

Word Tag ® unites learning and fun through gameplay by immersing kids in an open-world adventure where they are able to interact with over 1000 words per year, personalized to their individual learning level. Word Tag ® is designed so kids learn new vocabulary as they earn rewards.

  • Active engagement: 

Word Tag ® engages kids with new words. Retention significantly increases when kids enjoy their learning experience.

  • Word repetition:

According to research, learners need several encounters with a word to add it to their vocabulary. Word Tag ® repeats word exposure enough times to guarantee retention. 

  • Learning progression

Research also demonstrates that games can provide constructive feedback and  a feeling of accomplishment. Word Tag ® allows players to try until they succeed, tailoring content to skill level.

  • Self-directed learning: 

Free play and exploration are crucial for learners’ cognitive development, cultivating curiosity and a desire to learn. In Word Tag ®, players work at their own pace to complete word collections full of rich vocabulary. They get to choose how long and how often they want to play (and learn)! 

  • Character-based learning:

Interacting with fictional characters like Roxy and Wolfgang is educationally and psychologically beneficial for kids. A child is more likely to retain new information when it is presented to them by a character.

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