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+ 3 months of Word Tag ® Video Game
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+ 3 months of Word Tag ® Video Game
Ages 7-11 2nd Grade - 6th Grade
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Develops word understanding and awareness, with child-friendly definitions and word pairs to show kids how words are commonly used
Research-backed and curriculum-aligned
Use alongside our Word Tag mobile game to reinforce vocabulary
Product Description

120 words. 3 games. 1 winner. Have you ever pretended to be an audacious tightrope walker while your friends danced the Macarena to distract you? How about a devious villain while your friends hop like kangaroos? With three hilariously fun card games in one box, Vocabularious is packed with descriptive vocabulary to boost your storytelling skills.

Game 1: Word for Word (a memory game)
Game 2: Lost for Words (a race to get rid of all your words)
Game 3: Distractionary (act out and guess word pairs while the other team does their best to distract you)

May the best words win.

1-10 players. Ages 7+

Note: 3 months of Word Tag Video Game is a non-cumulative promotion limited to one per customer.

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Thoughts by:

It's not the taking part that counts... it's the winning
Yin: I'm the best at Word for Word. It's a memory game. Sit still. Focus. Breathe. If you are at one with the cards, the cards will be at one with you.
Yang: I AM THE BEST AT DISTRACTIONARY!!! I know just how to get under Yin's fur when she's trying to focus. She HATES my interpretive dances.