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I Can Be a Butterfly - ABC bundle

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I Can Be a Butterfly - ABC bundle

Digital Product Ages 4-8 Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
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Instant download available after purchase
Combines an engaging story with letter-writing practice pages to consolidate knowledge of letters and the sounds they make
Curriculum-aligned and research-backed
Dots and arrows indicate how to form each letter shape
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Product Description

A hilarious, curriculum-aligned way to practice the alphabet and handwriting. Yes, the story is about a maggot. And yes, he has some unsavory eating habits. But don't let that put you off because the alphabet has never been this fun.

For ages 4-8

  • Step 1 Follow printed arrows to learn the shape of each letter
  • Step 2 Trace the letter over dotted lines
  • Step 3 Write the letter all by yourself, following a starting point on the page!
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Thoughts by:

Deliciously gross.

Come and join me on a very disgusting journey.

An ABC coming-of-age story

Bogart dreams of growing up to become a butterfly. But if all he ever eats is poo, he will be nothing more than a common housefly. So he sets out on the foodie adventure of a lifetime! First apples and asparagus. Then bagels and burritos. Before long, Bogart is chomping his way through the whole alphabet! And he won’t stop chomping until he becomes a butterfly. Help Bogart chomp his way from A to Z and face his greatest fear - being ordinary.

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Handwriting practice helps develop reading skills

Handwriting is a crucial skill for children in their early school years, beginning with individual capital letters all the way to writing full sentences. Research shows that children with better handwriting exhibit greater neural activation in brain regions associated with working memory and increased activation in the regions associated with reading and writing.