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Foolproof Phonics Part 1

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Foolproof Phonics Part 1

Ages 5-6 Kindergarten Digital Product
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Divided into five sections containing 50 phoneme-grapheme correspondences arranged in order of difficulty
Features learning pages, activity pages, and QR codes to hear how phonemes (sounds) are pronounced
Research-backed and curriculum-aligned
Product Description

"S-a-t-p-i-n? Who sat on a pin? Are they okay? Should I call an ambulance?"

These are all pretty common questions when first getting into phonics. Don't worry, we're here to help! This activity book covers 50 foundational phoneme-grapheme correspondences (starting with s-a-t-p-i-n!). Foolproof Phonics Part 1 was developed with teachers and phonics experts and is curriculum-aligned, making it the perfect tool for young readers. Get ready for a hilarious reading adventure!

For ages 5-6

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I've decided that I'm going to be a pirate when I grow up, so learning vowel sounds influenced by r was VERY useful. ARRRRR!

Phonics, made Foolproof!

Designed with literacy experts and follows the school curriculum. Foolproof Phonics is a step-by-step program that takes kids through the different levels of phonics learning and the terms they need to know, exactly the way they do it in school. It includes unique audio support with recordings to enhance word-learning!

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Designed for children in Kindergarten

Divided into five easy-to-follow levels compliant with state assessments.

In Levels 1 and 2, children learn:

• 13 phoneme-grapheme correspondences

• How to decode (read) three-letter words using the letters that they have already learned

In Levels 3 and 4, children learn:

• Consonant digraphs that make a single sound, such as ff, ll, ch, th, and sh

• More CVC words

• CCVC words such as flush and swing, and CVCC words such as lift and jump