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Spelling Targeted Practice Grade 1

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Spelling Targeted Practice Grade 1

Digital Product Ages 6-7 1st Grade
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Covers tricky spelling patterns, common prefixes and suffixes, and homophones
Includes answer sheets so that kids can work independently and move at their own pace
Research-backed and curriculum-aligned, covering an entire year of spelling in bite-sized packets
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Product Description

Planning a trip to the zoo but have no idea where to start? Is that an elephant or an elefant? A jiraffe or a giraffe? This printable workbook is here to help!

Divided into bite-sized packets and packed with engaging character illustrations, these worksheets were designed by learning experts to boost retention. They cover all the essential spelling patterns needed for Grade 1 and a safari.

For ages 6-7

  • Step 1 Kids learn a tricky spelling pattern or rule. They then learn how this rule applies by matching a word to an illustration.
  • Step 2 Kids test themselves on tricky spelling patterns, matching words to illustrations, and filling in gaps in sentences.
  • Step 3 A list of high-frequency words that focus on a specific spelling pattern. Children can build their own spelling tests to work on the words they find most challenging.
  • Step 4 Kids unlock fun spelling puzzles.
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Thoughts by:

I DID IT!!!!
I was never sure if it was spelled ""clasroom"" or ""classroom"" (or ""klausrhume""), so I thought maybe school just wasn't for me... but now I know for SURE it's ""classroom"" and I'm SO EXCITED TO LEARN MORE!!

Why practise spelling?

There's no doubt about it: Spelling is important. Even when it is not explicitly tested, it is assessed in writing. So we turned spelling practice into a fun and engaging pastime.
Practising spelling through a variety of activities ensures that kids will spell words correctly while writing. And when kids know how to spell, their confidence in the classroom soars!

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See what the experts have to say...

"I am a tutor for 7+, 8+ and 11+ exams. This series of booklets comprises both Targeted and Mixed Spelling Practice for Years 1 to 6. The Targeted Practice books should be used before the Mixed Practice books and introduce the spelling patterns and rules. They cover the entire curriculum for their respective year group, and can be used at school or home for weekly lessons or a faster pace for catch up curriculum. The spelling packs are illustrated throughout with the ten colourful characters that are well known in the Mrs Wordsmith family of books."

Juliet Rolls
| Founder of Cambridge Academic Tuition.