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Which Mrs Wordsmith products should I start with? (US)

If your child reads at a Kindergarten-1st Grade level:

Start with our popular, bestselling Epic Life range, which includes My Epic Life Word Book or My Epic Life Daily Word Workout. They’re hilariously illustrated, accessible books that are guaranteed to boost your child’s vocabulary and inspire daily learning habits!

Or if you’re looking for a more all-encompassing workbook to compliment your child’s in-school learning, then try one of our workbooks. Our Gargantuan Grade 1 Workbook is a great place to start!


If your child reads at a 2nd Grade-3rd Grade level:

Start with any product in our highly-rated Storyteller’s range. This includes Storyteller's Word a DayStoryteller's Word a Day 2Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary, and Storyteller's Card Game. They are all award-winning, engaging products that aim to help kids build reading and writing confidence by helping them build an advanced vocabulary.    

We also recommend starting with our How to Write a Story printable workbooks. How to Write a Story 8-10 and How to Write a Story 10-12  are our comprehensive workbooks designed to help kids excel at creative writing. Packed with tools, tips, and vocabulary, they make it easy and fun for kids to plan and write captivating stories that are well structured, richly descriptive, and exciting to read.

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