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An educational adventure game built on Roblox that makes learning irresistible!

Mrs Wordsmith was chosen by Roblox to partner with them on their first literacy based game. Words of Power transforms the principles of Game-Based Learning into an engaging experience through RPG gameplay. Leveraging social-emotional learning (SEL) via in-game effects enables children to grow as students and young individuals. Unlock your child's full potential with Words of Power!

Roblox + Mrs Wordsmith = Vocab Mastery!

Using characters designed by Craig Kellman (Madagascar, Trolls, Hotel Transylvania) and based on our award-winning game Word Tag, comes the newest literacy adventure by Mrs Wordsmith.

Players choose a "word of power" to battle various enemies and move through the game. Each "Word of Power" includes literacy information and produces a specific effect within the game. Choose the word "shock" to electrify your enemies! As opponents are defeated, players gain new powers, growing their vocabulary.

When a word is chosen, a voiceover pronounces the word and definition together. This is called explicit vocabulary instruction, which combines explanations of a word's meaning with other information like spelling, pronunciation, and visual demonstrations to embed new information deeply.

Pedagogically speaking, game-play brings the meaning of each word to life in a visually thrilling way. This helps children understand what a word means in practice, leading to improved retention.

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Learning on the platform your kids already love!

60% of Roblox users are under the age of 16, which is why it's the perfect partner for combining gaming and education. Words of Power is a captivating learning adventure full of puzzles, challenges, exciting visuals, and other elements your kids already love. It uses this gameplay to introduce vocabulary lessons, fostering a love of learning alongside an expanded vocabulary. There's no need to limit their gametime when it helps them with their homework!

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