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Year 1 English Gargantuan Workbook

+ 3 months of Readiculous Video Game
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Year 1 English Gargantuan Workbook

+ 3 months of Readiculous Video Game
Ages 5-6 Year 1
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An entire year of English learning packed into 192 pages
Developed with teachers and curriculum experts, and hilariously illustrated by Hollywood artists
Research-backed and aligned to the National Curriculum
My Epic Life Daily Word Workout
My Epic Life Daily Word Workout
My Epic Life Word Book
My Epic Life Word Book
Blah Blah Blah Phonics Card Game
Blah Blah Blah Phonics Card Game
ABC Handwriting Workbook
ABC Handwriting Workbook
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The Book of Big Feelings
Year 1 English Gargantuan Workbook
Year 1 English Gargantuan Workbook
€102,70 €99,95
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Product Description

Unlock your potential with this 192-page English workbook. Become the first six-year-old to write a novel, publish an academic article, or host a Ted Talk on "The Importance of Conjunctions". This Year 1 workbook covers phonics, vocabulary, grammar, high-frequency words, handwriting, and more! This is not your average English workbook. Become the next child prodigy.

Ages 5-6

We make phonics fun! Readiculous teaches kids to read with the science of reading in just 10 minutes a day.

The game, endorsed by literacy experts and grounded in scientific research, is designed to engage kids to learn to read through exciting mini-games. Readiculous engages kids to learn the sounds that go with each letter/spelling in a logical progression. As with most new things, repetition is the key to success. This is where we come in, we make learning ridiculously fun (pun intended) by designing reading games for maximum entertainment and educational value. Players learn 2x faster than traditional methods with just 10 minutes of daily play, reflected in personal progress reports showcasing which sounds, letters, and words they’re working on. Readiculous combines fun gameplay with educational content, tailored to support various needs.

Note: 3 months of Readiculous Video Game is a non-cumulative promotion limited to one per customer.

Product Specific
Publication date August 2021 UK / January 2022 USA
Format 297 x 210 mm (8 1⁄4 x 11 3⁄8 in)
Extent 192pp
Word count 5,500
Age range 5-6
UK ISBN 9780241527115
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Thoughts by:

One small step for Armie, one giant leap for armadillo-kind
At the age of 4, I dreamed of building my own rocket. At the age of 5, I completed this workbook. At the age of 6, I built that rocket.

People always ask, "How did an English workbook help you achieve scientific greatness?" Well, the biggest hurdle when applying to NASA at age 5 is reading and writing. That, and proving you're potty-trained.