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We’ve Got You Covered: A Year Of Easy-to-Use, Evidence-Based, and Fun Vocabulary Lessons Free!

Hey teachers! Imagine a classroom buzzing with curiosity, where students confidently dissect sentences, playing with new and valuable words, building a toolbelt for their expanded vocabulary. Yes, in this classroom, reading comprehension soars, and writing takes flight. Oh– and your classroom is filled with a marvelous word wall, a beautiful reference point for discussion, and a transformational visual for students. This isn't just a teacher's dream, it's the reality unlocked by the Narrative Journey – our best-selling tool that we’ve made digital and our offering to YOU for FREE as our way of showing #TeacherAppreciation. FYI: A 2018 study revealed a 50% vocabulary improvement in kids using this resource.

Research is clear

Students who master rich vocabularies excel in every subject, outperform their peers on tests, and bridge the academic and opportunity gap. They become not just stronger writers and readers, but thinkers, communicators, and problem-solvers equipped for success. It’s also clear that explicit vocabulary instruction is essential to helping students understand the nuance of the word, engaging with synonyms, antonyms, and usage in different contexts. It’s not about memorizing definitions but fostering a relationship with words. That's what we love to do.

Where The Narrative Journey comes in

But let's face it, finding engaging, effective vocabulary tools can be a struggle. Dictionaries feel antiquated, flashcards gather dust, and worksheets... well, let's just say they rarely spark joy.

This isn't just another tool. Ready to see your students light up with the power of words? Buckle up, teachers, because the journey is about to begin.

Getting Started

To get started, simply download the Narrative Journey for free. The resource is easy to implement in your classroom.

We've prepared daily and weekly lesson plans (ranging from 10-45 minutes)


Our six storytelling themes help organize words in a way that allows you to easily reference with students or in your planning


The interactive activities help students make meaningful connections, pairing words together and strengthening their speaking and writing voice


Extended Learning opportunities will challenge every student and support you in deepening writing practicum opportunities in your classroom


Look out for the easy-to-print feature to create a vibrant word wall, giving you a beautiful space and a tool to reference and connect with