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See it! Stick it! - All Volumes

+ 3 months of Readiculous Video Game
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See it! Stick it! - All Volumes

+ 3 months of Readiculous Video Game
Ages 4-6
See it! Stick it! - Volumes 1 & 2
See it! Stick it! - Volumes 1 & 2
See it! Stick it! - Volumes 3 & 4
See it! Stick it! - Volumes 3 & 4
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Sight words are high-frequency words with irregular spelling – children need to learn to identify them quickly because they are tricky to decode
A four-part series
400 sight words to accelerate early reading
Pronunciation guide available for every word via unique QR code
Unlock Exclusive Gifts.
Product Description

"See what? Stick what?" We hear you cry, and the answer is... sight words! This four-part series covers 400 essential sight words to boost your reading fluency. Learn to read high-frequency words on topics like days of the week, colors, irregular verbs, and common prepositions. Each word comes with a fun, reusable sticker to help accelerate kids' reading, as well as a pronunciation guide that you can access with your smartphone!

Ages 4-6

We make phonics fun! Readiculous teaches kids to read with the science of reading in just 10 minutes a day.

The game, endorsed by literacy experts and grounded in scientific research, is designed to engage kids to learn to read through exciting mini-games. Readiculous engages kids to learn the sounds that go with each letter/spelling in a logical progression. As with most new things, repetition is the key to success. This is where we come in, we make learning ridiculously fun (pun intended) by designing reading games for maximum entertainment and educational value. Players learn 2x faster than traditional methods with just 10 minutes of daily play, reflected in personal progress reports showcasing which sounds, letters, and words they’re working on. Readiculous combines fun gameplay with educational content, tailored to support various needs.

Note: 3 months of Readiculous Video Game is a non-cumulative promotion limited to one per customer.

Product Specific
Paperback 240 pages (volumes 1-4)
Age range 4-6
Year of publication 2019
Product dimensions 21 x 24.5cm
ISBN 978-1-9160384-1-7
  • Step 1 Can your child read the word? Help them if they don’t know it! Use the example sentence to help with context!
  • Step 2 Flip to the sticker pages at the back of the book and look for the matching word sticker. When your child finds it, have them say the word!
  • Step 3 Peel off the sticker and flip back to the word page. Have your child place the sticker on the correct word and read the word again.
  • Step 4 Once the stickers are in place, browse the book with your child until they become fluent reading these words!
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Thoughts by:

Warning: this is not actually a book about fetching sticks!

There's nothing in this book about sticks. However, once I got over that initial disappointment, I have to admit I had a good time learning sight words.