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Mrs Wordsmith's 37 House Rules

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Mrs Wordsmith's 37 House Rules

Digital Product Ages 4-9 Reception - Year 4
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Instant download available after purchase
Includes rules for modern households, from reducing screen time to being environmentally conscious
Promotes self-regulation skills and emotional intelligence
Hilariously illustrated by Hollywood artists
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Product Description
"Urgh, but why?" is a question that has plagued households for millennia.

Tidy up. "Why?"
Say thank you. "Why?"
Flush the toilet. "Why?"

Mrs Wordsmith's 37 House Rules is the hilarious handbook every family needs to answer that age-old question. Bringing essential house rules to life with hilarious illustrations – say goodbye to tantrums and hello to a happy, helpful household.

For ages 4-9
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Thoughts by:

From bad dog to good boy!

I haven't peed on the carpet in weeks. Being well-behaved is worth it for the treats and belly rubs.

Say goodbye to nagging, and hello to a happy, helpful house!

Mrs Wordsmith 37 House Rules is the family operating activity for the next decade - a witty book of research-backed rules and activities to help you raise calmer, happier children. By drawing upon neuroscience, academic research, and focus groups around everyday family life, this workbook brings essential house rules to life with Mrs Wordsmith’s acclaimed hilarious illustrations and witty words of wisdom that kids and parents alike won't stop repeating.

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“So many parents ask me how we manage to get children to behave at school. Parents want advice on how to get their kids to take responsibility at home. Now I can just hand them 37 House Rules for homeschool. I will be using it with my own kids at home too.”

Emma Madden | leading UK headteacher