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What's the difference between the Storyteller's Word a Day and R-r-ready for School Word a Day?

R-r-ready for School Word a Day is a retired product and is no longer available to purchase from our website. 

Storyteller's Word a Day and R-r-ready for School Word a Day are similar products that both focus on teaching your child a new word every single day. They have different age bases – Storyteller's is aimed at children aged 6-13, whereas R-r-ready is aimed at children aged 2-6.


R-r-ready for School Word a Day

(ages 2 - 6)

Get ready for school, one word at a time. R-r-ready for School is the fun and easy way to learn a new word every day! We designed it to help your child develop communication skills, creativity, and emotional awareness. It contains 240 hilariously illustrated words featuring our cast of unforgettable characters.


Storyteller's Word a Day

(ages 6 - 13)

Every school day, discover a new mind-blowing storytelling word, hilariously illustrated by our team of Hollywood artists. Using data science, we identified the words that children are most likely to encounter in literature and combined them with outrageous creativity to illustrate them in a way that kids can’t resist.


It's made to be set on the breakfast table, talked about together, tell stories, and create a daily word-learning habit that will last a lifetime!

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