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How do I use Storyteller's Word a Day?

Here are some ideas to get you started using our Storyteller's Word a Day:

Display a new word every day
Every morning, turn the page and display each word and illustration all day for multiple exposures and better retention.

Talk about the illustration together
Meaningful conversations with adults develop a child's cognitive and linguistic skills, so make sure to use the word in conversation and talk about what it means.

Dive deeper
Turn the word stand around to get to the core of each word by exploring its word pairs, synonyms, history, frequency data, and usage in classic children’s literature.

Test your knowledge
How many word pairs and synonyms can you remember?

Tell a story
Use the illustration-based story starters for every word, and get creative! Write, tell, sing, or draw a new creation every day.

Act out the word
Get silly and dramatic and come up with your best rendition of the word. Pretend you're playing charades and trying to get someone to guess what you're acting out.

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