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Thank you for choosing Mrs Wordsmith! Get ready to have more fun learning than you ever thought was possible. As a thank you for being such a wise and discerning customer, we'd like to offer you 3 months of free access to our game-based learning apps, no strings attached. Go ahead, live a little (and learn alot)!

This offer is for existing Mrs Wordsmith customers who have made a recent purchase. Please use the chat below for other inquiries.

Word Tag   |   For ages 7 - 13

The Vocabulary Boost Your Child Needs

Cutting-edge game design and world-class pedagogy come together in one addictively fun app. Give your child the vocabulary boost they need to become stronger, more confident readers as they play their way to learning 1,000 new words per year.

Readiculous   |   For ages 3 - 7

Build a Strong Literacy Foundation

Say goodbye to boring, rote repetition, and say hello to Readiculous, the game-based learning app that teaches critical phonics skills to emerging readers. Join our cast of hilarious characters and play through a variety of minigames as you learn to read. Sign up below to claim your 3 months and be the first to know when Readiculous is released!

Words of Power   |   For ages 7 - 13

Learning on the platform your kids already love!

Words of Power is now live on Roblox, combining gaming and education like never before. Your kids won't want to put it down