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Lesson plan: self and creativity
Teaching Tools

Lesson plan: self and creativity

Speaking and listening activities are some of the first things children encounter when they start school. We've produced a variety of tools to help kids improve their self-expression and creativity.

In Whole Body Listening, Shang High the giraffe shows us how to use every part of our body to show others that we know how to listen! You can use this activity to help kids become better, more receptive listeners.

All About Me is often one of the first topics taught in schools. It encourages children to introduce themselves, learn about different emotions, and to get to know one another.

Teddy Talks: Part 1 is perfect Kindergarteners (and future engineers!) dreaming of designing their own scooters and drones. These speaking and listening activities make futuristic technology accessible for kids. Sparking their passions, Teddy Talks give budding young entrepreneurs the words and confidence to express their ideas.

This cluster of activities is a fantastic toolkit for kids learning to express themselves and listen to others. Be sure to show us how you're using them in the classroom or at home by sharing with us!

Deep Dive

Read our report on the Science of Reading. Research-based reading instruction must incorporate the 5 pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This report provides an easy to understand overview of each of these pillars and explains the important connection between how the brain learns to read (the Neuroscience of Reading) and how we teach children to read (The Science of Reading Instruction). It also explains why helping children build connections between letters and sounds, through phonics and phonemic awareness, is so crucial for the developing reading mind. This report is perfect for sharing with colleagues and friends!