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My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

+ 3 months of Readiculous Video Game
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My Epic Life Daily Word Workout

+ 3 months of Readiculous Video Game
Ages 4-7 Kindergarten - Year 2
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180 pages of content to expand kids' vocabulary
Topics include math, science and technology, life lessons, emotional intelligence, self-management and more
Curriculum-aligned, perfect for elementary school
Expert-backed, fun activities to complete in just five minutes a day
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Product Description

180 pages of hilariously illustrated words to prepare you for whatever life throws at you. This daily word workout builds vocabulary, while introducing you to concepts that extend way beyond language. From basic math to science and technology, via valuable life lessons around emotions, inclusivity, tolerance, and respect, this daily wonder is designed to bring big ideas to the breakfast table.

Ages 4-7

Product Specific
Spiral-bound hardcover 180 pages
Age range 4-7
Year of publication 2019
Product dimensions 25 x 23.2cm
ISBN 978-1-913235-23-9
  • Step 1 Set up your My Epic Life Daily Word Workout anywhere you like - whether on the breakfast table, a nightstand, or the teacher's desk.
  • Step 2 Every day, flip a page, learn a hilariously illustrated word, and discover a related brain-teaser, inspirational quote, or activity to make your day epic.
  • Step 3 Scan QR codes in the book with your phone to unlock cartoons that help you learn words!
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Thoughts by:

Exercise for your mind!!!

Imagine doing a workout from your kitchen table, while eating cereal. I like to think my brain now has teeny tiny little biceps and teeny tiny little abs.

Big ideas for little learners...

My Epic Life Daily Word Workout is an indispensable daily wonder, designed to introduce young minds to big ideas at the breakfast table.

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What's in store?

With 180 pages of hilarious illustrations, brain teasers, life inspiration, and more, Daily Word Workout builds kids' vocabulary in ways to help inspire them to be engaged with their world.

Loved by parents and teachers alike

"My 4 year old is loving it and learning lots of new words, and my 7 year old unconfident reader is enjoying it too."

Sarah Mayhieu | Parent

What other parents think:
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If you wanna teach little people about words (and everything else) then these are Grouse 47/10 recommended...Primary or secondary ed. supports these are your new best friends
@shelciechoesmith on IG
Mid 2021
Beatrix is absolutely loving doing this at the moment. She draws the picture and writes the word and its meaning. This is all completely child-led.
@erin.the.veganmum on IG
Mid 2021