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Watch our TED Talk to find out how Mrs Wordsmith’s method locks in learning.

Why words matter...

Read our research behind how words predict academic success.

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10,000 words critical to academic success...

Everyone knows that reading matters, but it’s not enough. Young readers tend to skip over difficult or unfamiliar words. And the breadth of vocabulary in printed books is itself on a downward trend. No curriculum in the world has identified the words that really push learning. But we have.

Mrs Wordsmith knows the 10,000 words that are pivotal to academic success. And we teach children to use them correctly, creatively and in context.

It’s easier than you think to advance your child’s reading age. Every 1,000 words they learn on their 10,000 word journey will advance their reading age by one year, and equip them with the skills for ever more complex comprehension, analysis and expression.

To maximise their success, young people need to actively learn challenging words. We harness the power of visual learning to expand your child’s vocabulary fast, and lock in what they learn.

Our unique illustrated dictionary supports teachers and parents, reinforces Tier 2 and unlocks your child’s full potential.