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The word journeys

Ready to start exploring? We’ve paved the way to a richer vocabulary with a series of exhilarating journeys your child will love. No more cramming, no more memorising impossible word lists. Just the words they need, brought to life.

narrative journey

The Narrative Journey

The first step in their journey is to learn 1500 storytelling words. This journey is designed to help them express themselves, whether they’re writing a story for school, or telling you about their day. Over six months, your child will learn words to describe the following:

Month 1


Month 2


Month 3

taste & smell

Month 4


Month 5


Month 6


The Benefits

The Narrative Journey (like all our journeys) is directly relevant to what children learn in school, and is designed to drive achievement across the curriculum.

Providing the building blocks of storytelling

Giving children the tools to express themselves more richly, and meet the increasing demands of the classroom.

Accelerating reading and writing age

Children learn new words in context, helping them to understand and retain them more efficiently and effectively.

Developing word consciousness

A vital skill for helping children notice and become curious about new words, so that they use them at school and at home.

Bringing words to life

Research shows that children learn easier and faster when information is presented visually.

fridge worksheet

What you get in the Narrative Journey

daily worksheet

Daily Worksheets

Tear out a daily worksheet, stick it on the wall, or complete it together at breakfast.

word pair cards

Word Pair Cards

Learn words in context, by seeing them alongside commonly used word pairs. The Narrative Journey also comes with instructions on turning the word pair cards into a game.

binder and inserts

Binder and Inserts

Your child will build and own a collection of words for life, a month at a time. No more cramming, no more forgetting, no more 'here today, gone tomorrow'.

The four journey types


Building blocks of storytelling

Ages 7-11

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Early Years

Self-expression and exploration

Ages 3-6

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State a case, make a point

Persuasion Journey

Ages 10-17

Growth Mindset

Expand your mind every day

Growth Mindset Journey

All ages