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In case you hadn’t heard our exciting news: We have a new parent company!

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You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our web page here.

We're so flattered you want to hear from us. Expect product updates, announcements, tips, resources, special series, and more! 


Do you still sell the Social Journey?

Unfortunately, we retired our Social Journey product. Our My Epic Life books cover similar content, however, and we plan to bring back a new version of this series soon! So be sure to follow us on social media or check back on the website to make sure you don’t miss any updates.

Do you still sell the Narrative Journey?

Unfortunately, we retired our Narrative Journey product. Our Storyteller's Word a Day books cover similar content, however, and we plan to bring back a new version of this series soon! So be sure to follow us on social media or check back on the website to make sure you don’t miss any updates.

Which Mrs Wordsmith products should I start with? (UK&AU)

With so many amazing products to choose from, we know it can seem daunting to know where to start. Don’t worry! We have some suggestions to help you begin:

If your child reads at a Reception/Foundation-Year 2 level:

Start with our popular, bestselling Epic Life range, which includes My Epic Life Word Book or My Epic Life Daily Word Workout. They’re hilariously illustrated, accessible books that are guaranteed to boost your child’s vocabulary and inspire daily learning habits!

Or if you’re looking for a more all-encompassing workbook to complement your child’s in-school learning, then try one of our workbooks. Our Reception English Colossal Workbook or Year 1 English Gargantuan Workbook are a great place to start!

If your child reads at a Year 3-8 level:

Start with any product in our highly-rated Storyteller’s range. This includes Storyteller's Word a DayStoryteller's Word a Day 2Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary, and Storyteller's Card Game. They are all award-winning, engaging products that aim to help kids build reading and writing confidence by helping them build an advanced vocabulary.    We also recommend starting with our How to Write a Story workbook. Our comprehensive workbook is designed to help kids excel at creative writing. Packed with tools, tips, and vocabulary, it makes it easy and fun for kids to plan and write captivating stories that are well structured, richly descriptive, and exciting to read.

Which Mrs Wordsmith products should I start with? (US)

If your child reads at a Kindergarten-1st Grade level:

Start with our popular, bestselling Epic Life range, which includes My Epic Life Word Book or My Epic Life Daily Word Workout. They’re hilariously illustrated, accessible books that are guaranteed to boost your child’s vocabulary and inspire daily learning habits!

Or if you’re looking for a more all-encompassing workbook to compliment your child’s in-school learning, then try one of our workbooks. Our Gargantuan Grade 1 Workbook is a great place to start!


If your child reads at a 2nd Grade-3rd Grade level:

Start with any product in our highly-rated Storyteller’s range. This includes Storyteller's Word a DayStoryteller's Word a Day 2Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary, and Storyteller's Card Game. They are all award-winning, engaging products that aim to help kids build reading and writing confidence by helping them build an advanced vocabulary.    

We also recommend starting with our How to Write a Story printable workbooks. How to Write a Story 8-10 and How to Write a Story 10-12  are our comprehensive workbooks designed to help kids excel at creative writing. Packed with tools, tips, and vocabulary, they make it easy and fun for kids to plan and write captivating stories that are well structured, richly descriptive, and exciting to read.

How can I help my child use Mrs Wordsmith products?

Many aspects of Mrs Wordsmith products are designed to help motivate and empower children to get comfortable learning independently. Of course, children are all different and may need or want different amounts and kinds of adult involvement, no matter how encouraging or approachable our cast of animal characters may be. For children who are still mastering reading, they will need a parent or helper with sufficient reading skills to understand instructions and answer sheets.

We also always encourage parents to engage in conversation with their children about the words, in order to reinforce their learning. Just 5 minutes a day could make a significant difference to their reading and writing ability.

What if my child dislikes reading?

Poor comprehension is one of the main factors that lead to children disliking reading. If a child has to skip over several words in a passage because they just don't understand them, then they won’t understand the meaning of the passage as a whole, and they will end up feeling deflated. Before long, reading has become a chore and they've given up.

Mrs Wordsmith addresses this problem. Learning new words is fun and effective thanks to hilarious illustrations, which are proven to stick better in a child's memory. Once empowered with word knowledge, your child will find reading easier and much more enjoyable.

Does the Mrs Wordsmith program work for children with autism?

People often ask whether Mrs Wordsmith products are effective teaching tools for students with autism. This question lacks a 'one-size-fits-all' answer because individuals with autism have a wide range of cognitive, verbal, and nonverbal skills. With this in mind, we recommend that parents and practitioners take into account the specific needs of the child in question.

Importantly, in the verbal domain, many students with autism have higher receptive skills than expressive. That is, they understand much more than they are able to articulate. For these students, it may be useful to use Mrs Wordsmith products to teach new vocabulary, and students can respond with gestures, pointing, or other modes of communication to establish whether or not they understand the new words.

Many students on the autism spectrum are particularly gifted in the visual realm. They are able to recall visual details quickly and almost effortlessly. For these children, the engaging, detailed, and humorous illustrations in Mrs Wordsmith products are ideal.

A unique aspect of our illustrations are the emotions that they convey. Individuals with autism often have difficulty understanding emotional cues, so pairing words that convey subtle emotions with an image that 'hits the nail on the head' can jump-start comprehension of new vocabulary. The product is designed at the level of a typically developing 2-17-year-old. The range is purposefully wide because children's development depends on individual differences as well as exposure.

Do Mrs Wordsmith resources work for children with dyslexia?

Mrs Wordsmith products have not been specifically created for children with reading disabilities, but teachers working with such children have given feedback to let us know that they do work well. The way we link words and visuals is helpful, and our font is carefully chosen to be easier to read.

Mrs Wordsmith is designed to provide structure, repetition, and support. Hilarious illustrations and child-friendly definitions make learning more attractive than it can be when using more traditional literacy products. Learning should be fun and stress-free!

Phonics has also been found to be a helpful method for children learning to read with dyslexia, so our phonics-focused products could be a great place to start the reading journey.

What is the difference between Word Sauce and the Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary?

Word Sauce is a retired product and is no longer available on our website. 

The words and illustrations included in both Word Sauce and Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary are exactly the same. When making our Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary, changes were only made to the cover and the layout to be more cost-effective for customers: more illustrations and words per page, and therefore fewer pages.

Word Sauce has large, full-page images that make it ideally suited to learning a word a day, teaching activities, SEN, and just being a beautiful coffee table book for children who love hilarious illustrations and wonderful words.

Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is designed to help children to write independently and help them build self-confidence to find words for themselves. We made small changes to the dictionary layout based on user feedback, and to make it easier to navigate.

Despite these changes, both dictionaries offer the same wonderful Mrs Wordsmith content.

Do Mrs Wordsmith products cover materials my child learns at school?

Mrs Wordsmith products complement what children learn in school and align with the national curriculum to support the learning topics appropriate for your child's age group. We consult with experts, leading schools, and teaching staff to produce our content and focus on words that expand children's vocabulary beyond just the standard national vocabulary lists.

Be sure to check the individual information of each product to learn what facet of education the product supports!

How can I find out when a particular product will be available?

The best way to stay updated on our upcoming exciting products is to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Or you can visit our website and sign up for our newsletter! 

What is the recommended age range for your products?

While our illustrations will entertain children of all ages (and the adults too!), our product range is generally best suited to children aged 3-15. You can check the specific age group of each product on our website, which is divided into two age categories, 4-7 and 7-13, for easier browsing.

Are your programmes suitable for ESL/EFL?

We did not specifically design our products for an ESL/EFS base. However, our materials can still work if your child is immersed in an English-speaking environment and their reading age aligns with our product range.

Our machine learning experts and lexicographers have mined the English language to ensure our products teach the words that matter for academic success. Additionally, our products enhance visual memory and help to make word learning a habit through repeated exposure.

Both of these elements contribute to fluency, whether your child is a native speaker or not!

Are the Word a Day books suitable for Special Education Needs?

Whilst we cannot claim to be a dedicated SEN program, we have had a lot of fantastic feedback from customers with SEN issues.

Our focus on humorous illustrations and the structure of our content (just one word a day) makes word learning feel like fun rather than work, minimizing the stress involved in reading and writing, and allowing children to engage directly with meanings.

Repetition is key for children with memory difficulties or low literacy. Our Word a Day books offer plenty of opportunities for this. The more that children talk about new words and get used to using them in conversation, the better. Building an oral vocabulary is key to increasing confidence and skill.

We recommend that SENCos or supportive teachers order an individual set to use with small groups and 1:1.

Does the Storyteller's Word a Day 2 contain brand new words?

Yes! The book includes 62 brand new words, and the rest of the words have been featured in our Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary. There are no repeated words from the original Storyteller's Word a Day, meaning that both books can be used one after the other or at the same time if you so wish. 

How many words are included?

The book comes with 180 words, which are completely different from the words included in our first Storyteller's Word a Day. 

Do the words included appear in your other products?

Some of the words included in our Storyteller's Word a Day 2 do feature in our Illustrated Dictionary and our now-discontinued Narrative and Social Journeys. 62 of the words are brand-new, and the book makes a great follow-on from our first Storyteller's Word a Day! So many words, so little time...

What's the difference between the Storyteller's Word a Day and R-r-ready for School Word a Day?

R-r-ready for School Word a Day is a retired product and is no longer available to purchase from our website. 

Storyteller's Word a Day and R-r-ready for School Word a Day are similar products that both focus on teaching your child a new word every single day. They have different age bases – Storyteller's is aimed at children aged 6-13, whereas R-r-ready is aimed at children aged 2-6.


R-r-ready for School Word a Day

(ages 2 - 6)

Get ready for school, one word at a time. R-r-ready for School is the fun and easy way to learn a new word every day! We designed it to help your child develop communication skills, creativity, and emotional awareness. It contains 240 hilariously illustrated words featuring our cast of unforgettable characters.


Storyteller's Word a Day

(ages 6 - 13)

Every school day, discover a new mind-blowing storytelling word, hilariously illustrated by our team of Hollywood artists. Using data science, we identified the words that children are most likely to encounter in literature and combined them with outrageous creativity to illustrate them in a way that kids can’t resist.


It's made to be set on the breakfast table, talked about together, tell stories, and create a daily word-learning habit that will last a lifetime!

How do I use Storyteller's Word a Day?

Here are some ideas to get you started using our Storyteller's Word a Day:

Display a new word every day
Every morning, turn the page and display each word and illustration all day for multiple exposures and better retention.

Talk about the illustration together
Meaningful conversations with adults develop a child's cognitive and linguistic skills, so make sure to use the word in conversation and talk about what it means.

Dive deeper
Turn the word stand around to get to the core of each word by exploring its word pairs, synonyms, history, frequency data, and usage in classic children’s literature.

Test your knowledge
How many word pairs and synonyms can you remember?

Tell a story
Use the illustration-based story starters for every word, and get creative! Write, tell, sing, or draw a new creation every day.

Act out the word
Get silly and dramatic and come up with your best rendition of the word. Pretend you're playing charades and trying to get someone to guess what you're acting out.


I'd like to work/partner with you, who should I get in touch with?

We’re all about partnering with schools and passionate educators who share our vision!

So, if you are interested, please get in touch with us:

What UK year groups do you recommend this for?

The words can be taught to any pupils aged 2-17. However, for a more specific indicator of which products are best suited to which age group and school year, please check the individual product listings on our website.

How can schools and teachers use your products in the classroom?

Mrs Wordsmith materials are fun, curriculum-compliant classroom tools, that have been designed to be flexible so that teachers can use them according to the needs of their students.

We've written some helpful Teacher Handouts to help you use Mrs Wordsmith in class. These documents include lesson plans and tips and there are two versions available, one for early readers and one for proficient readers. 

Key Stage 2, ages 7-11

What are your payment terms for schools?

All of our invoices come with a 30-day payment term. Please make sure to complete payment before the due date on your invoice. If you have sent us a purchase order (PO), this will be matched on your invoice.

How long does the delivery for school orders take?

School orders to the US will arrive within 6-8 working days after the order is dispatched. 

School orders to the UK will arrive within 3-4 working days after the order is dispatched.

School orders to Australia will arrive within 5-7 working days after the order is dispatched.

If required, an expedited delivery can possibly be arranged at an additional charge.

Do you offer discounts for schools ordering multiple products?

You can read more about our bulk school and educator discounts here.

How can schools/educators place an order with you?

Schools/Educators can place an order with us directly through our website. 

To pay via bank deposit/ invoice, you will need to proceed through our checkout process as you would if you were paying by any other method. 

Step 1: After filling out your address and contact details, you will get to the payment screen. Select the ‘bank deposit’ option:


Step 2: Clicking this, and then confirming your order will take you to a page that looks like this (for your country):



Step 3: These bank details are where you can make your payment directly. You will be emailed an invoice for your records. Once you have paid, your package will be shipped to you!  Please ensure that your payment is made within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

This is what the invoice looks like:


If you have any questions, or you are retroactively looking to have an invoice sent to you for an order you've made through a company credit card/ alternative payment method, please reach out to:



Are there tax exemptions available for teachers/schools? How can I claim mine?

Yes! If you have a tax exemption certificate, please forward it to the care team (over on who will review your documentation and create an invoice for your order.

Please note that you will not be eligible to receive such tax exemption if you order directly from our website.

To receive more information please contact us at

Can I request an invoice for an order?

Your order confirmation email doubles up as an invoice with both a unique order number / invoice number as well as a full tax breakdown of your order and tax registration information e.g. VAT registration number.


If you cannot find your original order confirmation email it may have gotten lost in your inbox. In this case try searching for "Mrs Wordsmith order" within your email browser and remember to check your junk folder too.

If you still cannot find what you need for an invoice, please reach out to our care team at with the subject 'Invoice Request' and your order information.

Can you provide a W9 form for tax exemption?

Yes! We do provide a W9 form for schools. If you would like to request one, please contact us at


How do I download and use my printables?

When you purchase a printable, the link to download your printable worksheets appears at check-out – you have the opportunity to click it and save them here. This link also appears in an email notification soon after the purchase. Both are shown below.

(Please note, you have a 5 download limit for each individual printable you buy.)

Where the link appears at check-out:


Where the link appears in your email notification from Sendowl:



Still a bit lost? Grab the email you used to order the printables and plug it into the form at this link: This will take you to your download page.



Who are printables for?

Our printables are for use by children in the age range of 4-15 at home or school. Every printable clearly outlines its intended appropriate age and school year, and most are split into levels to work through chronologically. Children should be able to work through them independently, without too much involvement required from parents or teachers.

What if I want a physical version of a printable?

Currently, our printable products are only available as a digital download that you can print at home for physical use. However, we have recently partnered with global publishers DK to produce a range of new, physical workbooks that encompass a similar curriculum of content.

Can I sample a printable before I buy it?

You can sample a printable before I buy it! Simply click the "See inside" link on the product page to get a preview before you decide to purchase the printable.


What is your Curriculum and Exam printables range?

We are excited to share our range of print-at-home resources, designed with assessment and curriculum experts for home learning. They include child-friendly answer sheets and can be easily printed from any home printer. We have created the range to:

  • Accurately cover content for the 7+, 8+, 11+ and SATs
  • Align with the KS1 and KS2 school curriculum 
  • Comprehensively cover phonics, sight words, and spelling.
  • Be a practical tool for independent learning
  • Deliver kids unforgettable characters and illustrations to stay engaged for hours

What is the difference between the targeted and mixed spelling printables?

There are a few key differences between our Targeted and Mixed Spelling Practice printables:


Targeted Spelling Practice focuses on sound patterns according to the national curriculum. For example, one lesson will cover all words ending with "-tious versus -cious".

Mixed Spelling Practice papers contain practice tests with words and all the sounds that are learned in the age group of your selected printable. It mixes up all words that your child has learned. 


We recommend starting with the Targeted Practice Papers and then moving on to the Mixed Spelling Practice.

Can I have a refund for my printables?

We hope you will enjoy your printable purchases! But for any reason you would like a refund for one, get in contact with us and we will happily process one for you.

You are only eligible for printable refunds if you have not yet used the download link sent to you upon purchase. Any downloads made through the link void the possibility of a refund. 


Are there opportunities to test games?

Yes! We are looking for enthusiastic families to join our VIP Testers Community. Sign up to playtest our brand‑new, exciting games, and gain access to an ever‑growing list of exclusive, exciting perks. You can find more information here.

Where can I get Word Tag ®?

We’re so excited that you want to play Word Tag ®! We know your kids will love their epic learning adventure. 

To get started, search ‘Word Tag’ on the Google Play Store or the AppStore on your smartphone or tablet. Download for free, and start playing! 

If you would like to learn more about the game, visit the Word Tag homepage. 

What happened to the Foolproof Reading app?

Great question! Foolproof Reading was our very first gamified learn-to-read app. It was available for a short time, but we decided to go bigger, better, and more word-tastic (because we know your kids deserve the very best!). 

We are now developing a brand new learn-to-read app for kids aged 4-7 called Readiculous to replace Foolproof Reading. Readiculous will be available on the Google Play Store and AppStores soon, so keep your eye out on our website and social media for updates… 

What happened to Epic Word Adventure?

Great question! Epic Word Adventure was our first foray into the world of educational apps. In a way, it's our current reading adventure app, Word Tag's great-grandparent! 

But it was a part of the old Mrs Wordsmith. With the exciting arrival of our new parent company came the equally exciting drive for new projects and the decision to conclude old ones. We are thrilled to have launched Word Tag ® and know you will enjoy it with your family. 

Word Tag ® is available now on AppStore and Google Play, or you can read more about it on our website here:

If you have any Epic Word Adventure affiliated offer on any product you buy, this is a legacy printing error and they are no longer redeemable. You are instead invited to take a 3 month trial of Word Tag, which you can get by contacting

Word Tag ®

How is Word Tag ® educational?

Although kids might not see Word Tag ® as a learning tool, they are improving their vocabulary with every play — even in as little as 15 minutes a day. 


Word Tag ® introduces children to new words in bite-sized batches. This approach helps cement material better than plenty of information in one dose. Kids are then repeatedly exposed to these words, through activities that target all aspects of word learning. Mini-games cover a word's meaning, spelling, pronunciation, and usage with context. Your child will not only be exposed to new vocabulary; they will truly understand it. 


Word-learning is the key to success in the game. Building their vocabulary by collecting new words is the mechanism by which kids progress to the next level, win prizes, and explore. The dopamine release in kids’ brains reinforces their learning experience positively. This enjoyment keeps them coming back to play (and therefore learn) more and more!

How does Word Tag ® teach vocabulary?

Word Tag ® unites learning and fun through gameplay by immersing kids in an open-world adventure where they are able to interact with over 1000 words per year, personalized to their individual learning level. Word Tag ® is designed so kids learn new vocabulary as they earn rewards.

  • Active engagement: 

Word Tag ® engages kids with new words. Retention significantly increases when kids enjoy their learning experience.

  • Word repetition:

According to research, learners need several encounters with a word to add it to their vocabulary. Word Tag ® repeats word exposure enough times to guarantee retention. 

  • Learning progression

Research also demonstrates that games can provide constructive feedback and  a feeling of accomplishment. Word Tag ® allows players to try until they succeed, tailoring content to skill level.

  • Self-directed learning: 

Free play and exploration are crucial for learners’ cognitive development, cultivating curiosity and a desire to learn. In Word Tag ®, players work at their own pace to complete word collections full of rich vocabulary. They get to choose how long and how often they want to play (and learn)! 

  • Character-based learning:

Interacting with fictional characters like Roxy and Wolfgang is educationally and psychologically beneficial for kids. A child is more likely to retain new information when it is presented to them by a character.

What is the Mrs Wordsmith Word Engine?

According to literacy experts, kids should learn words that they are likely to encounter frequently across different contexts. Our team of linguists and data scientists identifies these words by mining databases of vocabulary found in major exams, school curricula, and classical literature.

Our proprietary AI Word Engine classifies these lists according to their difficulty and topic, considers the context in which each word might appear, and assesses each word’s meaning difficulty based on its average age of acquisition and grade or year level. Players see words tailored to their abilities and needs.

Why is my phone crashing?

We are so sorry to hear that your phone is crashing. Fortunately, there is often a simple, easily-resolved reason behind errors like this! Word Tag ® is unable to support certain older devices (with less than 1Gb of RAM) or older operating systems. If you find that the game is repeatedly crashing, it could be that you are using one of these devices. These include: 



iPhone 6 or older

iPad 4th generation or older

iPad Mini 3 or older


Android OS 4 or older

Any other device with less than 1Gb of RAM


If you’re still having problems getting into Word Tag ®, please reach out to us at and we can help troubleshoot. For this, please include information about the device and operating system you are using, as well any screenshots of error messages.

What ages is Word Tag ® for?

We generally recommend Word Tag for ages 7-12. However, there is no age limit on fun! Word Tag can easily be enjoyed by kids outside of the recommended age range if they have the reading capability and motor skills needed for the game.

Is there in-app advertising?

There is no third-party advertising in Word Tag ®.

Is Word Tag ® a paid app?

You can trial Word Tag ® free of charge for a week. After this, there is a monthly subscription. The price varies depending on your currency, and there is a discount for a full-year subscription.

Where is Word Tag ® available?

Word Tag ® is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Happy adventuring!

Is Word Tag ® safe for my child?

Yes. Safety is our number one priority. There are no external chat features, no in-app purchases, and no third-party advertising. All of this ensures a fun, safe gaming experience for everyone!

How long should my child play for?

Word Tag ® is a fantastic game to promote safe, positive screen time. However, even good screen time should be limited. We recommend playing for 15-20 minutes each day, so the required word repetitions are encountered. The game is structured to limit the number of new words your child will encounter each day so they have the best chance of learning and understanding each one in the recommended 15-20 minute slot. That’s potentially over 1,000 new words every year!

How many people can use the app?

The home version of Word Tag ® can currently be used by one child per app. This feature is being updated to include up to four profiles and will be available soon. 

Can I see how my child is doing?

Yes, absolutely! Paid subscriptions come with a full report, updated daily, of how each child or children are doing, and their progress in the game. We will show you the words your child or children are learning, and the pace at which they are working. We also outline what you can help them with at home (if you so choose). You can access this report through the game or on a web browser.

What is the parent report?

Great question! The parent report is a customized and secure browser-based report which shows you how your child is progressing at Word Tag ®. We will show you the words they are learning and the pace at which they are working. We also outline what you can help them with at home. You can view this whenever you want, either through the app or on any browser. Information is updated daily.

For a view of multiple profiles, the home subscription allows you to see the progress of up to four child profiles. 

How do I subscribe to Word Tag ®?

You have the option to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan. We will ask you to provide your credit card and contact details when you first try the app. When you sign up, you will receive one free trial week, during which you may cancel at any time and not be charged!

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to hear you’ve decided to end your subscription! We hope you had an excellent epic word adventure during your time playing. Depending on your device’s operating system, there are two different processes.

On an Apple device:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap your name
  • Tap Subscriptions
  • Tap the subscription you want to manage
  • Tap Cancel Subscription

On an Android device:

  • Open the Google Play Store app and tap your profile icon in the top-right corner
  • In the Google menu that opens, tap Payments & Subscriptions
  • Tap Subscriptions, then find and select the membership that you want to cancel
  • Once its settings page opens, tap Cancel Subscription

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we can’t process a refund, as all payments go through the Apple or Google stores. However, you can contact them directly and follow the process here:

For Apple iOS users go here: 

For Google Android users go here:

Can Word Tag ® be used in school/ in lessons?

Word Tag ® focuses on building vocabulary and uses repeated exposure to new words through mini-games that cover a word's meaning, spelling, pronunciation, and usage with context. This makes it a perfect supplementary tool for English lessons! 

Because we recommend about 15 minutes of daily play, you could incorporate some gameplay time into your lesson plan OR you could set 15 minutes as homework (and maybe have the kids report back about the words that they have learned!) 

(It is an individual gameplay experience that is meant to be tailored to each child, so Word Tag ® isn’t well-suited to be a singular-screen group activity.)

What if my child finds their words too easy/ hard?

Currently, you cannot re-adjust your levels within the app. If you are finding that the words being served to your child are unsuitable for their reading level, you will have to delete Word Tag ®, reinstall, and start the game over. 

We are releasing updates later in the year that will allow level adjustment after starting the game. Stay tuned! 

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